P is for Power Girl

My aim of getting three letters on the superheroes alphabet sampler is now two thirds complete because today I completed my second letter, her she is…power girl:


I also took a step towards completing on of my now craft Make and Do aims for 2013, I attended my first swimming lesson. I have signed up for the 12 week course for nervous swimmers so hopefully I’ll be able to look back on 2013 as the year I finally learnt to swim!


2 thoughts on “P is for Power Girl

  1. Cute Power Girl and good for you learning how to swim. I vowed to learn something new every year..this year I will learn how to knit. I’m going to sign up for a class next month

    • I’ve only taken the first step towards learning to swimming but it feels like a huge first step and I honestly have put it off for about eight years! I wish you luck in learning to knit, it is worth it. I love knitting and find it very relaxing (when following a straightforward pattern). I was shown the basics and then have got everything else of YouTube, being able to watch videos and replay endless times really helped me. Good luck for when you sign up to you class.

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