Tasty but not so pretty macaroons

One of my Make and Do aims for 2013 was to learn to make macaroons. I absolutely love them and always treat myself to some when I go to Westfield in Stratford. This is my first attempted and I followed this recipe, the recipe was nice and easy to follow and I did all the steps including banging to make the foot.

Here is my first batch:


And from the side:


I used pink food colouring (not that you can tell) and strawberry flavouring…and I have to say they taste delicious, unfortunately they just are not very pretty. One of the things I love about macaroons is the prettiness of them and the bright colours, how has mine turned out orange? I then decided to give it another go:


I think these were a little more successful, they are much smoother on top but still look orange despite the pink food colouring. I am using a gel based colour and the mixture looked lovely and pink:


I did the icing vanilla flavour and it goes beautifully with the strawberry of the macaroon, so really it is just the colouring I’m not so happy about. I am not going to tick the macaroons off my make and do aims yet because i really want them to be pretty as well as tasty…does anyone have any advice about the colouring?

17 thoughts on “Tasty but not so pretty macaroons

  1. Your macaroons look awesome! Soooo much better than any of mine – I’ve tried to make them like, five times, but each has failed 😦 But I swear, I will master them someday! 😉
    Do you use liquid or powdered food colouring? My friend is a master at these, and she uses powdered colouring, so she can use a lot and still not change the consistency of the mixture (and so their colour is very vibrant) – hope this helps! 😛

    • Thank you for the kind comment and helpful advice. I used a gel based colouring but will look into the powdered based for next time. I would love to get those really vibrant colours.

  2. they look good! and I bet they taste good too. I always see these flawless perfectly colored ones and just haven’t tried because I’ve been told they are hard to make..i just might give it a go!

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