Creative Slumps

I read a lot of other crafting blogs and have read about other people being effected by craft block/low sew-jo etc. and these past few days I have found myself somewhat afflicted with this dreadfulness, hence my period of quiet.

I think I have usually got around my loss of interest in creating stuff because I have projects in knitting, sewing, crocheting and cross stitch running concurrently, so if I lose interest in one I have another three to bury myself in. However this week I have had two projects hit a bit of a wall and this has knocked me somewhat.

So in true honest style, here goes, incident on project one – Sewing:

Remember I was making those trousers for Si? The ones I actually did my first ever muslin for? Here they are:



And from the back:



I finished these off whilst Si was away and literally the only thing left to do was hem them. When he returned I asked him to put them on so I could get the exact right length and horror of horrors…they were about four inches too big around the waist!!! ARGHHH! I was very upset with the whole thing, I spent ages on them and can’t believe that they don’t fit. Prior to this project I have never made a muslin in my life but I did for this one…and it fit! This all happened last weekend and I haven’t touched my sewing machine since, that is how upset I am with myself.

Now I have had a few days to reflect, here are my thoughts:

1) I followed the craftsy class and even though the trousers do not fit I have learnt a huge amount

2) At least they are too big, I can alter them, better than too small

3) I brought the brown cord material as a test fabric for the moleskin ones he really wants, thank goodness I did this

Incident on Project Two – Knitting:

I have been merrily working away on my paperdolls jumper, getting it ready for my self imposed deadline of the 18th September. I have now reached the top of the dolls and have actually started working on the ribbing. That’s right on the collar…final stretch!


On Monday night, after the knitting group I go to I decided that I would try it on.  All was going fine, the body fits beautifully (Kate Davies’ designs are very flattering) the lenght is perfect and then oh no, the arms are too small/tight. Currently the underarm bit is on safety pins (my stitch holders) until I sew the ends in, but if I sew them up as the are I’ll never get my arms into the jumper. The main issue with this is that to sort out the arms I have to frog the paperdolls and they have taken me months and months to finish.

I’m now at that point where I know I have to frog but just can not bring myself to do it, it is all quite upsetting. I will do it eventually because I love the jumper and the colours of the wool are beautiful and very “Me.”

Yesterday I cast on a new project to work on whilst I come to terms with the disaster with the paperdolls. But fret not, the paperdolls WILL get finished and hopefully before 18th September 2014.



8 thoughts on “Creative Slumps

  1. Hang in there — Yes, sometimes waistbands in all my garments can be mystifying. You could rip it all out (sorry to say that). He’ll love them once they do fit! And, with your knitting. Gorgeous. That would kill me to frog it too!!!

  2. It is demoralising when projects get frustrating. Be kind to yourself & keep going. 🙂 The jumper is looking lovely. Trousers are not easy to fit & to make them for someone else also adds to the pressure, but you are right that it is better they turned out big and not small.

  3. Poor you! Is there any chance that the paper dolls jumper will stretch when blocking? Sometimes it can be amazing how much it grows! Maybe do a little test with a square of fabric made from the wool you are using? Or could you sneak in some little increased at the arm hole? I have been known to throw things around the room like a crazy lady when that sort of thing happens to me! x

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