New Look 6674 – The Parisian Wrap Dress

Way back in October last year I had the pleasure of fabric shopping in Monmarte, Paris and selected a whole range of fabric as part of my capsule wardrobe challenge. Last Thursday I managed to get around to actually making up one of the item and today I wore it to work.

Newlook dress pattern

Please forgive the photos, it is so wet and dull in the UK at the minute and regardless of what we did Little One insisted on photo bombing me. Here is the dress on:

New Look 6674 Dress


Firstly with the actual making, I made up view C, although I did not have a contrast band I wanted the band because when I have worn wrap dresses previously I prefer the way the band makes the dress sit. I also wanted the longer length so that it would go perfectly over my winter boots. Clearly the pattern included only options for short sleeve or no sleeves, I know that I would never wear a dress without sleeves and I kind of dislike short sleeves so I nicked the 3/4 sleeves from the Skater Dress pattern.

Overall I am mainly happy with this make, my main issues were the instructions, I felt that they weren’t the clearest (maybe I have been spoiled with indie pattern instructions which are incredibly clear) and the band took me about three attempts to put on, that seamripper is not my friend!

I am very happy with the way the pattern matches across the wrap, this took a fair bit of working out but I am so pleased that I did:

New Look 6674 front

However the pattern on the skirt is ever slightly wonky, massive unhappy face, having clearly defined stripes on the pattern of the material makes this very unforgiving. I also would have liked the ties, which I have no pictures of to be a bit longer, I can fashion a knot that will not come undone, however they are no where near long enough to tie into a nice bow.

Wearing this dress today has however indicated one major issue, the wrap shows far to much breast curve for my liking and I spent the whole day fiddling with the fold trying to feel comfy with the amount of exposure…not a good look, especially when trying to chair meetings.  The next time I wear this it’ll be teamed with a vest of some description.

Green Ginger Skirt

I have returned to sewing up the patterns from my capsule wardrobe challenge and today I completed the Ginger Skirt. I originally brought some lilac cord to make this skirt from but then realised the fabric I brought for the Madeleine skirt was too narrow and I swapped the fabric round. The ginger skirt has now been made from green cord (fitting in nicely with the colours of my capsule wardrobe):


This is fabric I brought back in January on my trip to Chicago. I visited a Joann’s and just had to buy some fabric whilst I was there.

I made version two with the beautiful shaped waist band. The high waist on the skirt is very flattering:


I feel very feminine in this skirt and love the waist band detail. On the inside I used some green polka dot fabric:


This skirt was surprisingly quick to make from cutting out to completing the hand slip stitches on the interior it took me half a day. I then went on the cut out the jasmine pattern from the left over green polka dot fabric, but more on that tomorrow.

Capsule Wardrobe-Finishing Jasmine

Today I have completed the Jasmine top that I started the other day.


Overall I am generally quite happy with the top, although I think it will be worn tucked into skirts or trousers because I feel it isn’t fitted enough for my liking to wear untucked. I love following Colette pattern instructions, they are so clear and really walk you through the stages, this is good for some one like me who originally started to make clothes because I wanted to, no one really showed me and I had to figure a lot out for myself…this has led to some incorrect procedures or mis-interpretation; these instructions don’t leave me to figure anything out for myself, leading to a much more satisfying completion of the project.

Next item to make, the Madeleine Skirt! Very excited about this one because as soon as I saw the pattern it screamed ME!!!!

Capsule Wardrobe – Starting Jasmine

Today I started on the next item from my capsule wardrobe challenge. I had stopped working on the capsule wardrobe makes whilst making all of the Christmas gifts so I wanted to make sure that I got back up and running again.

My next make is the Colette Jasmine Top:


I chose version two but without the contrast. Firstly I cut out the fabric:


And then started the sewing. I did the stay-stitching, front darts, attaching front and back together and finishing the seams:


I will aim to work on the sleeves and collar over the next few days.

Capsule Wardrobe – Finishing the Hat

Yesterday I worked on making up the exterior of the hat for the capsule wardrobe challenge. Today I aimed to finish the hat off, firstly I attached the brim to the hat crown;

Then I made the flowers to go onto the side of the hat:

I attached the flowers onto the side of the hat prior to inserting the lining, this was out of sequence to the sewing pattern but I thought it would be nice to have the sewing attachment covered by inserting the lining. Finally I made up and attached the lining to the hat:

The hat is now finished and nicely matches the coat. Here is how the hat looks on:

Capsule Wardrobe – Sewing the Hat Exterior

On Saturday I cut out the material for the hat, the second item of clothing in my capsule wardrobe challenge. Today I worked on making up the exterior of the hat.

The pattern needed fusible hair canvas, however despite an internet search and consulting my local haberdashery, I could only lay my hands on sew on, therefore my first step was to attach the canvas to the exterior fabric by sewing it on:


Then I attached the hat segments together to form the crown of the hat:


Finally today I made the brim:

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge – Cutting the Hat

Now that I have completed the coat from the capsule wardrobe challenge I am now moving on the next item of clothing. I have decided to go with the hat. For the hat I am using McCalls M6450:

And have chosen view E:

I have managed to cut out the exterior fabric, which matches the coat:

The contrast fabric for the lower brim and large flower:

The fabric for the small flower, which matches the fabric on the self cover buttons for the coat:

And finally the lining fabric which is the same as the lining I made for the coat:

Capsule Wardrobe – Finishing the Coat

As part of my capsule wardrobe challenge I have been making a coat. This is the first item of clothing for the challenge but as the weather is getting somewhat cold it has become pretty essential for me to finish it off, today I managed to complete it.

When I last left the coat I had just inserted the lining into the exterior. So today I started off by making a pocket and belt. Then I made cuffs, hemmed the coat and slip stitched the lining at the sleeves before finally adding buttons. Here are a few photos of the finished coat:

Here is a close up of the cuff with button, the buttons are self cover buttons covered in the fabric that I will use for detailing on the hat:


Here is a close up of the lining attached at the sleeve:


I am very happy with the coat, it is the most challenging item of clothing I have made so far and I am pretty pleased that I managed to make my own lining pieces from the pattern for the exterior. I added buttons onto the cuffs which is an addition to the pattern but I feel it bring it all together especially because I have made the sleeves long so that they are a regular length. The capsule wardrobe challenge has got off to a good start, next I will make up the hat and gloves.

Capsule Wardrobe – The Coat Lining

Yesterday I worked on the coat exterior so today I made up the lining. The lining was put together in the same way at the exterior:


Then I attached the lining to the coat exterior (please forgive these photos the shiny fabric of the lining does not photograph too well):


I inserted a section of the wool fabric into the lining for the placement of buttons, I thought the wool fabric would be able to take the button holes better and having it on both sides keeps it matching.

I have also managed to add the collar onto the coat today:


All that is left now are the finishing touches. The cuffs, the pocket, the belt and the buttons. I then will hem the coat. I will be busy with work tomorrow so will have to wait for the weekend to finish it off.


Capsule Wardrobe – The Coat Exterior

Yesterday I cut out the lining for my coat so today I have worked on the coat exterior with the aim that tomorrow I can make the lining. As I have said before the pattern is French but comes with some very good pictures so I could follow the pictures to make up the coat.

To start off, the top of the coat is constructed, there are three sections; two fronts and a back. Firstly I sew together the two pattern pictures for the front, this was a nice curved seam so should look good over the bust.


I then repeated this for the second front section. Next was sewing darts into the back section, these were on the middle of the sholder each side. Then I sew the two back sections together:


Next was attaching the front and back sections together:

This meant that the top section was all done. I then attached the bottom sections together, before attaching them to the top:


I took the above picture as a view just under the arm because I am ridiculously pleased with how the four seams come together.

Finally I attached the arms:


The pattern includes adding a collar and cuffs at this stage but I am going to add them whilst attaching the lining because this should then give a nice finish. Hopefully studying will go well tomorrow so I can get plenty of sewing done.