Make and Do 2013

I started this blog at the beginning of 2012 so I thought that for 2013 I would use it to document some of the aims I have for 2013. This is mainly a  mixture of crafty bits and some life stuff thrown in. I will be editing this page regularly to update my progress on what I have set out to do.


Complete capsule wardrobe challenge

Make my first ever quilt – I started one in 2012 but never quite got around to finishing it

Make an Alphabet sampler – I brought this stunning pattern from Wee Little Stitches which is a  superheros alphabet sampler, it will look great on the wall in our office/sewing room – Started, currently I have completed up to L

Make Simplicity 1882 dress – This has been inspired by Karen of Did You Make That? , her two versions are absolutely stunning

Make Madeleine Skirt – I was brought this pattern as a Christmas Present from my parents and can not wait to use it – Completed I have now made the Madeleine skirt and absolutely love it

Make Elderflower Champagne

Finish my paper dolls jumper and make a Kate Davies Puffin jumper

Make macaroons – the food (and the dress too – inspired by Punkmik) – I love macaroons and have never made them

Finish the year with 75% of my wardrobe being made by me – this excludes underwear and shoes obviously!! I have just done a calculation (July) and I am currently at 35% of my wardrobe being made by me (I started the year with 5%)


Qualify as BCBA – I have been studying for the past eighteen months towards becoming a board certified behaviour analyst, I am aiming to sit the qualification exam in May – Results in (July)…I have passed!!!

Live completely out of my overdraft – being a perpetual student has meant that by the end of the month I am constantly dipping into my overdraft, By the end of 2013 I aim to not be using my overdraft at all.

Learn to swim – I can kinda float and occasionally propel myself forward but my method is so exhausting I can only do about five meters!


3 thoughts on “Make and Do 2013

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    • I recently did a mass wardrobe sort out to assess where I am. I started the year with 5% made by me and I’m now at 35% so I’m well on my way. Thank you for your wishes of luck.

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