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Nautical Gift sent to “A Good Talking To…”

I joined in with the International Craft Swap hosted by House of Pinheiro and was lucking enough to be paired with Jacq of “A Good Talking To….” It has been very exciting exchanging emails with a fellow sewing blogger and reading her blog. Yesterday I posted what Jacq made for me, today I’m going to share what I made for her.

Jacq made me a bag and funnily enough I did exactly the same, I used the Amy Butler Sweet Harmony pattern that I have previously made but this time I decided to make the tote sized bag. I decided on a thing I had previously made because I really wanted to try my hand at some applique…something I have never done before.

Here is the bag all made up:


I chose the blue striped material because it had a nautical feel and then made up a lighthouse that was hand appliqued on (I originally wanted to do an anchor but all those curves were giving me a challenge so I finally settled on the straight edges of the lighthouse). Here is a close up of the lighthouse:


For the gifts I decided on some pretty buttons and ribbon and then wrapped them all up following the nautical theme:


Unwrapping the Gifts – Gift Six

This was my favourite make for Christmas, littlest sister very nearly didn’t get it because I loved it so much.

Here is the finished item:


I couple of years ago I made a handbag for her using the same pattern, Sweet Harmony by Amy Butler:IMG_0199

The only thing I altered then and this time was the strap, she is most definitely a shoulder strap girl. She used the first bag so much that it literally fell to pieces so I thought I would make her another one, when I saw the Wonder Woman fabric I knew that it would be ideal for her and it went beautifully with some red polka dot fabric I had in my fabric stash. There is still about a meter of the Wonder Woman fabric left…think I’ll make something for me from that.

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge – Deciding the Clothes

Back in August I mentioned that I am aiming to sew up a capsule wardrobe, I have already decided on my colour scheme so today I went through my patterns to make a decision about what clothes I would like to make. I thought I would try to use patterns that I already have rather than purchasing a load.


The main part of the wardrobe will be a winter coat, S’s mum has lent me this pattern which I believe she has had since the 1960’s, it is a very beautiful coat and I think it will look gorgeous in a deep purple:

I would also like to make a matching hat and gloves, I already have this pattern in my stash and I like view E:


Now for the clothes, the only thing I have not got in my stash is a trouser pattern. Looking around I really like the Thurlow Trousers by Sewaholic or Colette Juniper  so will have to make a decision and settle on one of these. The fact that Lladybird is hosting a Thurlow Sew Along at the end of October may swing it for me.

Skirt wise is very easy, my two favourites are Amy Butler Barcelona skirts and Colette’s Ginger:

I aim to make the layer skirt from Amy Bulter and Version two from Ginger. That leaves tops, view B of the McCall’s, version two of Jasmine and version three of Sencha:

 And dresses, I am aiming to make version one of the Peony and view C of the Vogue pattern:


This means that when I visit Paris in one week (only seven days, I am counting them down!!), I am looking for fabric for:

Coat lining – I already have the wool blend fabric

Hat lining – left over wool blend from the coat will be used for the hat exterior


Vogue Dress – I already have some fabric for the Peony



McCall’s top

Ginger skirt

Layered Barcelona skirt

Trousers (type to be decided)


When I come back from Paris I will be itching the start the sewing on these eleven items of clothing. I can’t wait to see what fabric I find, I will write up my fabric post once I get back!!



Me-Made-May: A not quite so delayed week two

On Tuesday I posted about my Me-Made-May week one outfits, and today I am posting about the week two outfits.

Day Eight

Day eight was a Tuesday which is an admin day at home for me, therefore I work a rather relaxed denim skirt and t-shirt. The denim skirt started off as a pair of Carhart jeans that I umm “grew” out of, I wore this with a David and Goliath t-shirt that reads “Rock is Dead: Long live paper and scissors”, red tights and converse (when taking out little one).

Day Nine

Wednesday is a day at work so I was back to being a little smarter. On day nine I wore a black polo neck jumper with an Amy Butler Barcelona skirt in a beautiful dress forms fabric. This was worn with black tights and black knee high boots.

Day Ten

Thursday’s are my study days but at the start of May I was between modules on my course and so spent the morning lazing around in the pyjamas that I made for the pyjama party and working on Middle Sister’s wedding present (obviously I have posted no pictures of this yet but will do after the wedding at the end of August).

Day Eleven

Friday and back to work, today Me-Made-May made an appearance via necklace:

I made this necklace by using a bobbin (I think it is called french knitting)to create three knitted ropes, plaiting them together an sewing beads onto the end. I wore this with a black dress, my favorite rabbit cardigan, black knee high boots and tights the same colour  as the necklace.

Day Twelve

On Saturday night I wore this top that was originally a dress with a pain of dark jeans and black heels.

Day Thirteen

Sunday was a day for walking Little One in the woods, at this point everywhere is very wet and muddy so wellies are a must meaning I need my welly socks:

I knitted these when I was first learning to knit and I found the Owl jumper pattern, I had never knitted in the round before and wanted to try something before making the jumper.

Day fourteen

This is a really loss Me-Made -May entry, I found this skirt in a charity shop when I was about 19 (that is eleven years ago!!!) and added the cat to it, the cat has beads and sequins sewn around it but it is slowing fading towards non-existence but I still can’t bear to be parted from it…I will have to see whether I can redo the cat in some way to give him a fresh new look. I wore the skirt with a little jacket, black tights and red ballet shoes.

Eight Way Skirt

One item that I managed to make over the weekend was a skirt that can be worn eight ways. I started off by getting out all of the material that I would need:

This included two different ribbons, one black and one navy and pink strips, navy blue and star material, peach with white polka dots material, birds material and bright pick with white polka dots material. For the rest of the post I will refer to the skirt exterior which was made up of the navy and peach material and the lining which was made up of the bird and bright pink material, however as will become apparent the skirt is reversible so referring to the exterior and lining is just to aid the instructions.

I firstly cut out one pattern piece from each of the materials:

These were all cut on the fold and were exactly the same size. I made my pattern piece by adapting the Amy Butler Barcelona Skirt pattern mainly because I have used this pattern to make five skirts for myself previously and have always been very happy with how they have come out and fit).

I then made up the exterior, I did this by placing one piece on the floor right side up and laying the ribbon on top of the pattern piece, the ribbon overlapped the sticking out bit at the waist of the skirt.

I then laid the other exterior pattern piece on the the top, so that the fabric was right side together with the ribbon in between

I then stitched up the both sides of the skirt around the bottom of the waist tab and up to the top, this fixed the two exterior pieces together

I then clipped into the corners and snipped the ribbon so that it was flush. I then repeated these steps with the fabric for the lining.

Next I place the exterior and the lining right sides together

and stitched around the top of the skirt, fixing the exterior and the lining together:

I then clipped along the top so that when it was turned right side out, the skirt would lay flat.

I then turned the skirt right side out and top stitched around the top. I hemmed the skirt and then put it on. I then worked out where to sew two buttons (one either side of my waist) and put the button holes and added these on. The skirt was then finished and can be worn in eight different ways.

Way one:

Way two

Way three:

Way four

Then by turning it inside out, so that the lining is on the outside, which gives ways five, six, seven and eight:

This was a very quick skirt to make and I like that it can be work in a variety of different ways. The only thing I would change is that I would make the waist tabs shorter next time, I do not like the way that they overlap and I think it would work better if the did not quite join and the ribbon could be tied between them.

The Material has Landed

Nearly all of the material that I ordered the other day has arrived, most importantly all of the material for the changing bag my friend has asked me to make has arrived

The outer part of the bag will be made in the spotty oilcloth

The interior will be made from a heavyweight waterproof cotton, it is much redder than the pictures make it look

I have a red 20 inch zip for the closure

and webbing, d-rings and slide adjusters for the strap

Finally I have 6mm piping (I recently made the weekend bag by Amy Butler and loved the piping detail so wanted to incorporate it into this bag), interfacing and wadding (this is for the changing mat and also some for the quilt that I started earlier in the year)

I am seeing my friend on the first weekend of March so the bag needs to be finished by then, I aim to start it next week….I have my parents staying this weekend for a trip to Shrek (should be good fun)…so will probably have little time for crafting

Waiting for Material

I have now ordered and am waiting for a whole selections of material and other bits to start and finish off some of my projects. I have ordered all of the bits needed to make the changing bag for my friend and have also ordered the bias binding to complete the Amy Butler top and the wadding to complete the quilt, this left me a rather a loose end today. I ended up completing a lining for the bin that little one has for her toys.

The bin works very well, she has a selection of toys in there right by her bed, it keeps it all tidy and she can also find her toys when she wants. The only downside is that because the bin is metal and by the leather chair, it may scratch…something S would be very unhappy about.

To make the lining I started of by drawing around the edge of the bin, adding about 1/2 cm for seam allowance and a few centimeters at the top so that the lining can be folded over at the end.

I then repeated this for the bottom of the bin

I then used these pieces to cut out the fabric (I had some lovely Amy Butler fabric left over from another project so I used this up), cutting out two of the bottom squares and eight of the side panels, this is so that I can make a double sided lining due to the mesh nature of the bin

I then placed two panels right side together

and stitched down one side. I then opened the pieces out, laid another piece right side together and stitched down the other side

I then repeated this with the fourth piece and then attached the last edge of the fourth bit to the first edge of the first piece to make a tube

I then attached the square to the bottom. I did this by placing one edge of the square to the bottom edge of one panel, right sides together. I then stitched along the edge, leaving the needle of the sewing machine in the down position so that I could rotate the fabric and match the edges of the square and the panel in the next section

I then repeated this on the other two sides, until the bottom was attached all of the way around.

Next, I repeated all of the above steps to make another one that is identical (lining)

To attach the lining to the exterior (although mine were from the same fabric so were indistinguishable for one another), I turned one the right way out and placed it inside the other one so that they were right sides together and stitched around the top leaving a small gap for turning it the right way out.

Next I turned it the right way out and the top stitched around the top, ensuring that the material at the gap were turned in and stitched in place

The lining was now finished so I popped it into the bin

All that was left was for little one to try it out

All in all this was a super fast project and would be very easy to adapt for lining any other boxes. Fingers crossed the materials that I have ordered will not be too long in arriving.

A bit of sorting

Now that my uni course has restarted my crafting time has taken a bit of a hit, so I thought that I best organise myself so that when I have the chance to do some craft I can find my things really quickly.

Whilst sorting through, I found a project that I started quite a long time ago but had to put to one side as it required a button hole foot, something that I only acquired a short time ago. It is the Lotus Cami top by Amy Butler, I added the button holes and buttons to it today and then realised that I could not find the material that I had previously cut to make the bias binding, so I had to stop again. On a trip out this week I will try to buy some bias binding so that I can finish it off. This is what it currently looks like:

The fabric is very cute, this is it:

Hopefully I will get a chance to buy the binding and finish it off this week. If I manage to do my reading on the train on Wednesday I can have a short study day on Thursday so I should be able to do it then…that is my motivation!

I also refound this in my fabric stash

I forgot that I had it so it was a nice find. Another project for Thursday, there is only a fat quarter but I aim to make it into an organiser for my handbag.

Tomorrow night is the craft group meet up so I will work I bit more on my knitted jumper. It is a very simple but beautiful jumper, I got the pattern from Ravelry. The pattern is called owls and is by Kate Davies, I was lucky enough to have enough left over wool from a jumper that I knitted for my dad, I post some pictures of the jumper shortly.

My Craft Filled 24 Hours

Today I have been working on a whole variety of different things. It started off last night when I decided that I would make a start on the bathroom mat that I wanted to make. I got my idea from Small Stash by Amy Butler and Melissa Averinos, a great little book at has projects that only use a fat quarter. I started the bath mat at 20:00 and by 22:00 this was the result:

I’m very pleased with the outcome especially considering that it used an old towel with spots of hair dye on it and just some scraps of fabric. The project only took two hours and this included my sewing machine having a bit of a funny turn in the middle of the project!

When I got up today I decided that I would have a go at a couple of projects from another book that I was given for Christmas, 101 Great Ways to Sew a Metre by Rebbeca and Patricia Hoskins.  To start with I made a cover for my sewing machine and a wrist pin cushion, these took about 90 mins altogether which is very quick. The instructions in the book were very easy to follow, I was confused by the pin cushion but when I followed exactly what was written it all worked out. These are the finished products:


The machine cover has a handy pocket on the front for the plug and foot pedal, I am happy to finally throw away the ugly dust cover that came with the machine.

The next project I worked on was a cover for my filofax, this again is from the Sew a Metre book, this is the outcome:

The cover means that I can pop the filofax into my handbag and find it out really easily. The cover probably took about an hour to make but I popped out in the middle to walk the dog. I would say that of the things I made today, this was probably the trickiest, I had to unpick the bias binding a couple of times, mainly due to my fussiness but now that it is finished I am really pleased with the results.

I would recommend the 101 Great Ways to Sew a Metre book, it is perfect for last minute gifts and also a great way to use up all of those left over bits of fabric from other projects (for example the filofax cover only used a fat quarter) or those fabrics that you just buy because they are so pretty. I also did a search on the author and she has another book out, I will be very tempted to get that one too.

I also made a cushion today, this is the finished cushion:

The front panel is long stitch and I did this quite a long time ago but it was just stored in a drawer waiting for me to buy a back for the cushion. Whilst out walking the dog I just thought about it and decided to make my own back. I will write up the tutorial for this shortly.