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Accessorising the Eco Dress – Butterick 5882

Now that I have finished the eco dress I have been working on the accessories to go with it. Firstly the dress is that beautiful kind of style that looks wonderful with a net underskirt to take full advantage of the circle skirt. Miss Cambridgeshire gave me a tutu she wore to her final dance exam and asked if I could alter it into an underskirt. I wish I had taken some before shots of the tutu but got all carried away.

The first thing I did was cut out the inside (the swimming costume type bit). I then made a waist band:


As odd as it sounds I used the waist band pattern from the pyjamas I made last year. I used some of the left over sheet to make the waistband. I then cut of a fair bit of lenght so the skirt would just show beneath the dress. Here is the finished underskirt:


The final thing to do was make up a little something to put into her hair. I used simple Kirkby grips and made up a coffee filter flower to go onto the grip. In order to help sew the flower onto the grip I used a small piece of net underneath the flower…the net of course was from the bottom of the tutu…all recycled here!


Decorating the Eco Dress – Butterick 5882

The other day I finished lining the eco dress so today I have been working on the decoration – coffee filter flowers. I started off by using a flower punch to cut the flowers out of the coffee filters:


I then marked out where I wanted the flowers on the skirt of the dress with pins. I wanted a relatively random patterns but wanted to make sure the flowers were not too close:


Then I sew the flowers on using a sequin and seed bead for detail:


I also added some flowers the the straps:


I can’t wait to show you all the finished dress…I am showing it to miss Cambridge first though.