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Crochet blanket – All done

Back in May I started a crochet blanket, I started it the day before my exam as a self calming strategy; by giving myself something to concentrate on I didn’t get myself all wound up about the exam.

Today I finally completed the blanket:


It consists of 26 stripes of purple and grey hues and then a border to finish it all off:


The blanket goes perfectly on our bed, we have actually been using it during the recent cold nights. I have simply placed a safety pin in the last stitch before putting it on the bed. The blanket is wonderfully warm.


Little One has taken quite a shine to the blanket, every time I have been crocheting it recently she has come and curled up on it (honest working on the blanket with a dog laying on it is not the easiest of things). I have therefore decided that the next blanket I make will be a mini on for her…I know she is very spoilt!

Crochet Blanket – Twentieth Stripe

My crochet blanket was put on hold during the warm weather, however I have now picked it back up again and have now reached the end of the twentieth stripe, meaning that the blanket is now two third complete:


Only ten more stripes to go, I would quite like to get the blanket completed during October so that it is definitely done ready for the cooler months.

Crochet Blanket – Eighteen Stripe

Due to the hot weather my crochet blanket too a bit of a back seat for a while…somehow having all that wool on my lap was more than I could bare. Now that it has cooled down a bit I have picked the blanket up again and added another few stripes. Today I add the eighteen stripe:


It is actually getting pretty hard to show all of it on one photo, goodness knows how I’ll get the whole thing in when it is finished.

I tried standing on a chair and photographing down onto the bed:


But it still doesn’t show the whole lot! Hopefully I can continue working on it now the evenings are cooling down and get towards it being finished before the nights get cold.

Crochet Blanket – Seventh Stripe

My addiction to crochet has continued and I have been making excellent progress on the crochet blanket. I have now completed the seventh stripe (and started on the eighth)….not bad going considering i started on 14th May.


I think that I’ll need 30 stripes in total so I’m about 1/4 of the way through:


The One Yard Swaddle Blanket

I have been very quiet of late, mainly because my crafting has been focusing on a wedding present for my sister (which I can not blog about until after her big day) but also because following our holiday in the Cotswolds I have been struggling to catch up with my study…something that I finally managed to do today.

A little while ago a brought this very cute fabric:

S has always loved monkeys so when I saw this I thought I would buy some to make him something as part of his Christmas gift. I brought two metres and what I have settled on I only need one metre for so I had a look through my trusty book:

and settled on the swaddle blanket:

I choose this one because the material is flannel and it will be a handy gift to have for the next friend who has a baby. It was an incredibly quick make, probably taking me about two hours including the tracing of the pattern from the sheets in the front of the book (can anyone ever get them back into the pocket?).

Here is the finished item laid out flat:

And purely for illustrative purposes, here it is with my childhood bear, Lemonade, all swaddled up:

Lemonade has been kept in a wardrobe since Little One took a fancy to her and she had to have some emergency surgery, so I think she is quite pleased of the outing modelling gave her.