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Quick Craft – Week Two

Today I work on my second quick craft. In March I am going to an event where I have to dress smartly so i have decided that I will wear my royal blue dress, yellow tight and a necklace that I made before. This is the necklace:

So today for quick craft I decided that I would make myself a bracelet to go with the outfit. Prior to starting I got out the materials (a selection of buttons, ribbon, needle, tread, fabric glue, needle, scissors, self cover buttons, material and most importantly a bracelet that I do not wear)  that I would need and set my stop watch.

I started by wrapping the ribbon around the bracelet and then fixed the end with a small amount of fabric glue. I then cut out a length of felt and glued this to the inside of the bracelet. At the ten minute point I had reached this point and also cut out the template for the fabric for the self cover buttons.

I then cut out two circles of the fabric for the self cover buttons and did a running stitch around the edge of the circle to cover the buttons. By twenty minutes I had covered one button and done the stitches around the edge of the circle for the second button

I completed the covering of the second button and then started to sew the buttons onto the bangle by hand. This is how it was looking at thirty minutes

And this is how it was looking at forty minutes

I then decided that I was not happy with how it was looking so I took off all of the buttons apart from the big blue one with the small yellow one on top. I then carried on sewing buttons on. This is how it was looking at fifty minutes

This is how it was looking at fifty minutes from the other side

I then added the last button and it was finished at just under fifty-three minutes, well within time (obviously it would have been loads faster if I had not changed my mind half way through)

This is the bracelet with the necklace

I am pleased that I decided to take off the other buttons, I think keeping the design simple worked so much better and I think it will work well with the dress.

For quick craft next week I will be making a birthday gift for my niece who will turn nine on 17th March.