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Unveiling the Eco Dress – Butterick 5882

Now that I have finished the Eco dress and given it to Miss Cambridgeshire I wanted to share the finished item with you. Here it is styled without the underskirt:



And here it is with the underskirt:



I am a big fan of the look with the underskirt, such a classic shape. The bits that I am particularly happy with are the coffee filter flowers, which feel very pretty against the pink:



and the lining, really happy with the way there are no exposed seams:



The tricky bit with this dress was the straps that also go across the bust, I really felt they were not sitting very well and that they only really got sorted when I added in the coffee filter flowers. The other problem was that the fabric frayed a lot and because I unpicked the lining twice, this became a little problematic around on of the bust pieces. Overall I am very happy with this project, although I was nervous about handing it over.

The cost of this dress is a bargain:

Main fabric: Bed sheet bought from a charity shop = £1:50

Contrast fabric: Men’s shirt brought from a charity shop = £5

Underskirt: Refashioned from tutu and remaining fabric of bed sheet = £0

Sequins and seed beads: From stash = £0

Flowers: Made from coffee filters given to me = £0

Zip: From stash = £0

Pattern: Butterick 5882 = £3.75

Total cost = £10.25


Lining The Eco Dress – Butterick 5882

Today I have been working on the lining of the Butterick 5882 dress that I am making out of recycled fabric. The lining for the bodice was relatively easy to cut out but the lining for the skirt presented a few more problems, firstly I did not have enough of the bed sheet left to go the full width of any of the skirt pieces. Because this is an eco challenge I really wanted to make the most put of the fabric I had to hand and therefore created a sort of patchwork to cut the pattern from:


The skirt consists of seven pattern pieces and I could get five from the sheet once I had sewn it together. The other two pattern pieces for the skirt came from the man’s shirt that I used to make the bra section. This has meant that the majority of both the sheet and shirt have been used, resulting in very little waste.

I managed to complete the skirt lining and attach it to the dress:


I then managed to insert the zip. It was my first time using the invisible zipper foot….wow, it makes the zip insertion very easy!


I finally started the bodice lining including adding the boning:


This is how the dress is currently looking, all that is left is to add the bodice lining and hem it. Then I’ll work on the coffee filter flowers: