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Unwrapping the Gifts – Gift Twelve

This is my last unwrapping the gifts post. I also made a handbag for S’s sister but it was mad up in a black wool fabric and the photographs just show a black square. I made the bag up because she requested a hat after seeing mine from my capsule wardrobe challenge and the bag was to showcase the fabric I brought to make the hat from.

I didn’t manage to get a photo of gift twelve posted before Christmas, I only finished the knitting on Christmas eve. Here is the final gift:


I made these for S’s sister’s boyfriend (a bit of a mouthful), there were rumours that he suffers with cold feet so what better than a pair of hand knitted socks. I knitted these up in DK Snuggly so that they are extra soft and warm and made them up as I went along (my first ever knitting pattern!!). Now I am going to attempt to write up the knitting pattern and see if I can make a pair in my size.

Unwrapping the Gifts – Gift Five

The fifth gift that I made was for my dad. He recently brought himself a new suit that he wanted a brown belt to go with. The belt was placed onto his Christmas wish list and as soon as I saw it I knew it was time for me to make my first thing out of leather. Here is the result:


My dad usually likes belts that have the option of attaching your own buckle but I could not find one like that so I made the Northumbrian Belt from Simple Way. It was so ridiculously easy to make that it feels like cheating to say it was made by me.

Unwrapping the Gifts – Gift One

The first gift I made was for niece, she has a little cubby hole in her room which she calls her reading corner. I therefore made her a beanbag to go into the corner so she can sit and relax whilst reading her books.


This was made from the 101 Ways with a Meter book, I also made her a wall hanging from the book in a matching fabric. I forgot to take a photo of the wall hanging but it is for putting her books into. Perfect for a reading corner.

Unwrapping the gifts – Gift Ten

S’s Dad loves a good glass of wine and every time we see him he is always very generous with the sharing of that wine, so what better than a bag to hold the bottles in:


This is another make from the 101 ways with a meter book and it was probably the most frustrating make of my gift preparation. I broke three needles whilst making this but the finished product was worth it. We did of course provide the wine bag complete with six bottles of wine!!

Unwrapping the Gifts – Gift Nine

The ninth gift I made was an apron for S’s mum. This was a make from the 101 ways to sew a meter book, and this apron used basically ever last bit of the fabric!!

Here is the apron:


I used some retro fabric with irons and kitchen implements on…I love making things from fabric that matches the use of the item. The pleats along the waist add a nice bit of detailing, but the best things about this apron is on the reverse:


In each corner, there are pockets that are made from insulated batting, meaning that they can be used to take things directly out of the oven, what a great idea!

Unwrapping the Gifts – Gift Eight

The eighth gift that I made was a pair of PJ’s for my sister’s partner. I firstly made the PJ bottoms from the same pattern that I used for my PJ party bottoms.


Then I made the top, this was based on the Sorbetto but rather that have the pleat at the front, I used this to make a button opening:


I used the red polka dot buttons on the top so that they matched the ribbon on the bottoms:


I was very pleased with how these PJ’s came out…so pleased in fact that I may make myself a pair.

Preparing for Christmas Gift Eight

I have now basically finished all of my Christmas makes (bit close the the wire really, previously I have been so much better organsied). Here are some cryptic photos of gift eight. I now only have another five gifts to post about, with only four days left til Christmas I will have to post more than one a day.





Preparing for Christmas – Gift Seven

I have been so busy with my Christmas gift making that i have not managed to get around to blogging about my makes for the last week or so. Here is gift seven shown in some cryptic photos, for those eagle-eyed ones among you, this goes with gift three .






This make has given me a whole new appreciation for slip stitching and the way it can make an item look really nicely finished.