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A Festival Outfit

This Sunday I went to the Lovebox festival at Victoria park. On Saturday I thought I would make a skirt to wear and once I started a skirt I also thought…um I’d quite like to make a top. I really set Saturday up as a day of speed sewing.

Here is the outfit that I made:


Firstly I made the skirt. It is the Miette by Tilly and The Buttons, my parents brought me this pattern for my birthday (thanks mum and dad) and as soon as I got it I was itching to make it. I settled on making the one with the pockets, thinking deep pockets for a festival would be prefect. I am particuarly happy with my top stitching on the pockets:


I originally wanted to bind my seams, I haven’t ever done bound seams before and I thought the wrap skirt would be the ideal first go…however the denim I used was quite heavy and I didn’t want to add any bulk to the seams so I finished them off with the zigzag stitch and the cut the fabric close:


The skirt was surprisingly quick to make and Tilly instructions are genius, I love the tick boxes that kept me on track throughout the process. I am already planning another make, probably without the pockets this time and in a lighter fabric so I can have a go at those bound seams.

I then set about making myself a top. I chose this lovely fabric I had in my stash:


I thought it would make the ideal summer top being quite light and airy. I selected the Laurel Colette pattern, version 4 and set about cutting out my fabric. I cut the sleeves to take advantage of the scalloped edge on the fabric:


I then sew the top together but used French seams because the fabric is ever so slightly see through so I wanted a nice neat edge:


I absolutely love this top and the fact that is sew together in about 90 minutes is a great bonus, I think Laurel and I will have a long relationship. I particularly love the back shaping:


It gives it a nice feminine feel, there will certainly be more Laurels made soon.

Overall I couldn’t be happier with my festival outfit, it was perfect for the day. The denim skirt coped well with sitting on the floor, and the top was very light and girly. I was happy with the fact it had sleeves, no sun burn here but the light fabric kept me lovely and cool…big thumbs up for these makes!

Jasmine Number Two

Earlier this year i made my first Jasmine and loved it, especially because it went so beautifully with my Madeline skirt. I knew immediately that it would be a pattern that would come back to and last week I finally got around to making another one, this time in green polka dot. I wanted it to go with Ginger skirt I made:


Here is the Jasmine and the ginger together:


and the neck detail on the Jasmine:


In all honesty I am happy with my Jasmine and I love the ginger but i am not sure how well they actually work together:


I feel that the fitted nature of the ginger and the neck detail of the Jasmine end up making me look rather top heavy so although I’m sure both will individually get a lot of wear I am not sure whether they will be worn together very much.

Green Ginger Skirt

I have returned to sewing up the patterns from my capsule wardrobe challenge and today I completed the Ginger Skirt. I originally brought some lilac cord to make this skirt from but then realised the fabric I brought for the Madeleine skirt was too narrow and I swapped the fabric round. The ginger skirt has now been made from green cord (fitting in nicely with the colours of my capsule wardrobe):


This is fabric I brought back in January on my trip to Chicago. I visited a Joann’s and just had to buy some fabric whilst I was there.

I made version two with the beautiful shaped waist band. The high waist on the skirt is very flattering:


I feel very feminine in this skirt and love the waist band detail. On the inside I used some green polka dot fabric:


This skirt was surprisingly quick to make from cutting out to completing the hand slip stitches on the interior it took me half a day. I then went on the cut out the jasmine pattern from the left over green polka dot fabric, but more on that tomorrow.

The Metre Skirt – Getting Better

In mid March I made myself a Metre skirt out of some left over fabric but I was somewhat disappointed with the fit so thought I would give it another go. Here is my second attempt:



The fit is much much better! The skirt is made in a very simple black cord (left over from the Corduroy Dress I made last year). Again I added the pockets into the pattern, using up some red fabric I had left over:



This means the skirt looks brilliant with my Jas-Betto (?) top, I have already worn them out together a few times and am very happy with them… definitely pleased I had another go at the metre skirt:




Sorbetto + Jasmine = New Top

When I sorted out my fabric for my new sewing desk I was pretty shocked to see quite how much fabric I had accumulated. This means I have decided to go on a bit of a stash busting crusade. First up was some red polka dot fabric, I thought this would be perfect for the Colette Jasmine top, I love the one I had previously made and I thought the polka dots would look great. However, try as I might there was just no way that the pattern pieces would work out, the fabric has previously been used and the cut out from the last pattern was just in all the wrong places.

I then sat down and had a little ponder, I knew I wanted a top with sleeves, I just never end up wearing sleeveless tops. I could get the sorbetto pattern out of the fabric…but there are no sleeves with this pattern. I then thought…”can I use the sleeves of the Jasmine pattern with the body of the sorbetto?” And you know what….you can!

Here is the finished top:


I used the pleat on the front centre as it is in the sorbetto pattern, but I added binding down each side and a couple of buttons for detail:


Overall this top has work out really well, I am very happy with the sleeves…the notched detail on the cuff worked out much better this time around than on my first Jasmine top. I also am happier with the fit, the Sorbetto I made previously I felt was a little baggy, the only downside is that this now takes a little wriggling into. This is my first attempt of combining different elements from different patterns, I feel that this is now something I’ll feel able to do again.

Capsule Wardrobe-Finishing Jasmine

Today I have completed the Jasmine top that I started the other day.


Overall I am generally quite happy with the top, although I think it will be worn tucked into skirts or trousers because I feel it isn’t fitted enough for my liking to wear untucked. I love following Colette pattern instructions, they are so clear and really walk you through the stages, this is good for some one like me who originally started to make clothes because I wanted to, no one really showed me and I had to figure a lot out for myself…this has led to some incorrect procedures or mis-interpretation; these instructions don’t leave me to figure anything out for myself, leading to a much more satisfying completion of the project.

Next item to make, the Madeleine Skirt! Very excited about this one because as soon as I saw the pattern it screamed ME!!!!

Capsule Wardrobe – Starting Jasmine

Today I started on the next item from my capsule wardrobe challenge. I had stopped working on the capsule wardrobe makes whilst making all of the Christmas gifts so I wanted to make sure that I got back up and running again.

My next make is the Colette Jasmine Top:


I chose version two but without the contrast. Firstly I cut out the fabric:


And then started the sewing. I did the stay-stitching, front darts, attaching front and back together and finishing the seams:


I will aim to work on the sleeves and collar over the next few days.

Fabrics Galore in NYC

I have now more or less got back into the swing of UK time and thought that I ought to post about my fabric delights whilst in Chicago and New York. We firstly went to Chicago and went to a Jo-Anns whilst there, I have read about Jo-Anns on some of the blogs that I follow so I wanted to go and have a look myself. I was completed overwhelmed by the size of the shop, my mum would call it gi-huge-mega-big, I brought a little fabric from there.


The green cord is exactly what i wanted for making the Madeline Skirt, my parent brought me the pattern for Christmas so it is so good to have the fabric to do this. I chose the green polka dot cotton because it went beautifully with the cord and will make a good top and lining.

Next we went to New York and had a look around the garment district. S came with and so ensure that he wasn’t bored rigid I focused my energies on the shops mentioned in here (this linked was kindly provided KadoHearts following my request for advice with fabric shopping).


Here I am in my coat and hat (from capsule wardrobe makes) outside one of the fabric shops (Prime Fabrics) and here is the inside of one of the shops:


Have you ever seen so much fabric in one place? Here are my purchases from the garment district:


The red chevron patterned material is a relatively thick knit that I will use to make the Renfrew Top (also a Christmas present from my parents). The cat and fish fabric is to make the Colette Taffy Blouse from (which is in the sewing handbook).


The green fabric will also become a Renfrew Top, although a different version and the patterned fabric has a currently unknown destiny but I liked the fact that it had all of the colours of my capsule wardrobe in it so thought it would be a good buy. I was relatively restrained on the fabric purchasing front (logistics of getting it home in my suitcase) but still seem to have come home with plenty. My fabric stash is growing again so I think that will be it for a while…need to get some sewing started.

Unwrapping the Gifts – Gift Eight

The eighth gift that I made was a pair of PJ’s for my sister’s partner. I firstly made the PJ bottoms from the same pattern that I used for my PJ party bottoms.


Then I made the top, this was based on the Sorbetto but rather that have the pleat at the front, I used this to make a button opening:


I used the red polka dot buttons on the top so that they matched the ribbon on the bottoms:


I was very pleased with how these PJ’s came out…so pleased in fact that I may make myself a pair.

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge – Deciding the Clothes

Back in August I mentioned that I am aiming to sew up a capsule wardrobe, I have already decided on my colour scheme so today I went through my patterns to make a decision about what clothes I would like to make. I thought I would try to use patterns that I already have rather than purchasing a load.


The main part of the wardrobe will be a winter coat, S’s mum has lent me this pattern which I believe she has had since the 1960’s, it is a very beautiful coat and I think it will look gorgeous in a deep purple:

I would also like to make a matching hat and gloves, I already have this pattern in my stash and I like view E:


Now for the clothes, the only thing I have not got in my stash is a trouser pattern. Looking around I really like the Thurlow Trousers by Sewaholic or Colette Juniper  so will have to make a decision and settle on one of these. The fact that Lladybird is hosting a Thurlow Sew Along at the end of October may swing it for me.

Skirt wise is very easy, my two favourites are Amy Butler Barcelona skirts and Colette’s Ginger:

I aim to make the layer skirt from Amy Bulter and Version two from Ginger. That leaves tops, view B of the McCall’s, version two of Jasmine and version three of Sencha:

 And dresses, I am aiming to make version one of the Peony and view C of the Vogue pattern:


This means that when I visit Paris in one week (only seven days, I am counting them down!!), I am looking for fabric for:

Coat lining – I already have the wool blend fabric

Hat lining – left over wool blend from the coat will be used for the hat exterior


Vogue Dress – I already have some fabric for the Peony



McCall’s top

Ginger skirt

Layered Barcelona skirt

Trousers (type to be decided)


When I come back from Paris I will be itching the start the sewing on these eleven items of clothing. I can’t wait to see what fabric I find, I will write up my fabric post once I get back!!