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Decopatch organisation and a Gift

Back in July I decorated the hall and Upcycled a broken and rather ugly shoe cabinet. This weekend I decided to work on sorting out my magazines and realised that the bottom of the shoe cabinet provided the perfect space to place them, I just wanted a way to do it that was nice and neat.

Firstly I brought some plain magazine files and then I used decopatch paper to decorate them up, I did two, here is the first one, complete with Craftseller magazines:


And here are the two together:


They fit pretty perfectly into the shoe cabinet and gives me plenty of space to add more files as my magazine collection grows.

I also decopatched an arch lever file for me to put all that admin we accumulate it (you know the sort, bank statements, bills etc):


The only difference with the file compared to the magazines was using the white paper meant I needed to do two layers. Here is the shoe cabinet with everything in:


I feel pretty organised now and like the way they all look together, the only downside is that the arch lever file is too wide to go in the under section of the cabinet.

Also this weekend Si returned from his work related travels and very kindly brought me a gift back, here it is:


Considering my post the other day he obviously knows me very well:


Beautiful Coathangers

Here is a very quick and easy craft that can be used to add that special touch to a handmade wardrobe. Start of with a wooden hanger (mine is just one from ikea), decopatch paper and decopatch glue:


Cut the decopatch paper into little squares and then just glue them onto the Coathanger, making sure that they are also topped off with a layer of glue.

Here is the finished coat hanger, I have done a couple of up close photos to give an idea of how it comes out. Really beautiful coathangers (although that is a bit of an odd thing to say).