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Unveiling the Eco Dress – Butterick 5882

Now that I have finished the Eco dress and given it to Miss Cambridgeshire I wanted to share the finished item with you. Here it is styled without the underskirt:



And here it is with the underskirt:



I am a big fan of the look with the underskirt, such a classic shape. The bits that I am particularly happy with are the coffee filter flowers, which feel very pretty against the pink:



and the lining, really happy with the way there are no exposed seams:



The tricky bit with this dress was the straps that also go across the bust, I really felt they were not sitting very well and that they only really got sorted when I added in the coffee filter flowers. The other problem was that the fabric frayed a lot and because I unpicked the lining twice, this became a little problematic around on of the bust pieces. Overall I am very happy with this project, although I was nervous about handing it over.

The cost of this dress is a bargain:

Main fabric: Bed sheet bought from a charity shop = £1:50

Contrast fabric: Men’s shirt brought from a charity shop = £5

Underskirt: Refashioned from tutu and remaining fabric of bed sheet = £0

Sequins and seed beads: From stash = £0

Flowers: Made from coffee filters given to me = £0

Zip: From stash = £0

Pattern: Butterick 5882 = £3.75

Total cost = £10.25


Accessorising the Eco Dress – Butterick 5882

Now that I have finished the eco dress I have been working on the accessories to go with it. Firstly the dress is that beautiful kind of style that looks wonderful with a net underskirt to take full advantage of the circle skirt. Miss Cambridgeshire gave me a tutu she wore to her final dance exam and asked if I could alter it into an underskirt. I wish I had taken some before shots of the tutu but got all carried away.

The first thing I did was cut out the inside (the swimming costume type bit). I then made a waist band:


As odd as it sounds I used the waist band pattern from the pyjamas I made last year. I used some of the left over sheet to make the waistband. I then cut of a fair bit of lenght so the skirt would just show beneath the dress. Here is the finished underskirt:


The final thing to do was make up a little something to put into her hair. I used simple Kirkby grips and made up a coffee filter flower to go onto the grip. In order to help sew the flower onto the grip I used a small piece of net underneath the flower…the net of course was from the bottom of the tutu…all recycled here!


Decorating the Eco Dress – Butterick 5882

The other day I finished lining the eco dress so today I have been working on the decoration – coffee filter flowers. I started off by using a flower punch to cut the flowers out of the coffee filters:


I then marked out where I wanted the flowers on the skirt of the dress with pins. I wanted a relatively random patterns but wanted to make sure the flowers were not too close:


Then I sew the flowers on using a sequin and seed bead for detail:


I also added some flowers the the straps:


I can’t wait to show you all the finished dress…I am showing it to miss Cambridge first though.

Finishing the Eco Dress – Butterick 5882

I have now added the bodice lining to the eco dress. I am particularly pleased with how the zip looks in the lining:


This is the first time I’ve ever done a full lining in a dress and I couldn’t be happier with the results. This is the inside of the dress:


I love how there are no seam edges visible, it looks so clean….not bad for a dress made from a bed sheet and a shirt. All I have left to do now is add the coffee filter flowers, should keep me out of trouble over the weekend.

Refashioned Shoes


These are my favourite work shoes; they are flat and black but with a bit of sparkle from the gems. They go with everything. Unfortunately the other day I lost of of the gems:


I hunted around for a replacement but could not find anything suitable so I decided to refashion. Firstly I took of the gem part:


I then made a new fabric attachment. I stuck with the back theme so the shoes will continue to g with everything but added in a little white embellishment for detail:


Firstly I cut out two rectangles, from black wool fabric, for each shoe. I then sew the rectangles together, sew on the buttons in the centre and then attached the lace detail. Final I used fabric glue to attach them to the shoes:


My shoes now have a new lease of life but continue to be nice and practical for work.

The Eco Dress – Butterick 5882

Over the bank holiday weekend I made a great start on the eco dress. I am using the Butterick 5882 pattern to turn a bed sheet and man’s shirt into a wearable dress for the eco round of the Miss England competition.

This is how the dress currently looks, on request I shortened the skirt by six inches:


The bed sheet is the main body of the dress and the shirt is the bra section. Here is a close up of the bust bit:


When I brought the shirt from the charity shop I never thought about the fact it had a bit of stretch in it, it made sorting the pleat detail out pretty tricky! Currently the bra part is only pinned in because on Monday the person I am making it for came around for a fitting, fortunately measuring her beforehand has really paid off and there is very little to alter. I am particuarly please because I got the seams to meet up beautifully when attaching the skirt to the bodice:


Now I know the fit is right I need to make up the lining, including the boning before adding the coffee filter flowers. Making this dress really has me thinking about fabric, it is unbelievable that this was a bed sheet originally.

An Exciting Project

I am usually quite a selfish seamstress, preferring to make things for myself. I know how much work goes into each item I make and I get so much pleasure out of wearing/using what I have made. My massive exception to this is usually presents that I make for my family for birthdays and Christmas. That said however I have recently taken on a project because when I was asked if I would do it I found it a vet interesting and exciting thing to be involved in.

Basically a lady who I work with asked me if I would make an eco friendly dress for her daughter who is in the Miss England competition. I met up with them both and exchanged some ideas and we settled on this Butterick pattern:


I was very happy with this because as soon as I saw it on Gertie’s blog I knew it was a dress I would love to make. I went shopping in the local charity shops and came away with a shirt:


And a bed sheet:


To add something a little different I am going to make up some flowers road to the skirt, for the flowers the main material will be:


Coffee filters! The dress is being handed over on the 13th June, hopefully what I have pictured i my head will work out.