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Macaroons 2.0

Back in August I had a first attempt at making some macaroons today I had a second attempt and am pleased to report that these macaroons are tasty and a bit prettier!


I used the exact same recipe as previously so how did they turn out so differently? Firstly as commented by the very lovely monster yarns on my post about my first go, I added more colour…and by more I mean a lot more!


I was going for a dusky pink, I still haven’t got that colour however this current colour is much better that the pinky orange of my first attempt. The second thing I did was I made them much smaller, this has the advantage that I made a lot more but I thought making them smaller would mean the top would be less likely to crack. It appears to have worked.

Here is the macaroon from the side to show off their icing:


I feel very happy with this second attempt, and pleased to report that the flavour hasn’t been affected by the improvement in looks.

Shortly after finishing the macaroons I headed off to my swimming lesson so I placed them safely in the cupboard, away from little one. She is a menace about food and helps herself to anything on the kitchen side, as much as I love her there is no way she is laying a paw on them.


Decopatch organisation and a Gift

Back in July I decorated the hall and Upcycled a broken and rather ugly shoe cabinet. This weekend I decided to work on sorting out my magazines and realised that the bottom of the shoe cabinet provided the perfect space to place them, I just wanted a way to do it that was nice and neat.

Firstly I brought some plain magazine files and then I used decopatch paper to decorate them up, I did two, here is the first one, complete with Craftseller magazines:


And here are the two together:


They fit pretty perfectly into the shoe cabinet and gives me plenty of space to add more files as my magazine collection grows.

I also decopatched an arch lever file for me to put all that admin we accumulate it (you know the sort, bank statements, bills etc):


The only difference with the file compared to the magazines was using the white paper meant I needed to do two layers. Here is the shoe cabinet with everything in:


I feel pretty organised now and like the way they all look together, the only downside is that the arch lever file is too wide to go in the under section of the cabinet.

Also this weekend Si returned from his work related travels and very kindly brought me a gift back, here it is:


Considering my post the other day he obviously knows me very well:


Tasty but not so pretty macaroons

One of my Make and Do aims for 2013 was to learn to make macaroons. I absolutely love them and always treat myself to some when I go to Westfield in Stratford. This is my first attempted and I followed this recipe, the recipe was nice and easy to follow and I did all the steps including banging to make the foot.

Here is my first batch:


And from the side:


I used pink food colouring (not that you can tell) and strawberry flavouring…and I have to say they taste delicious, unfortunately they just are not very pretty. One of the things I love about macaroons is the prettiness of them and the bright colours, how has mine turned out orange? I then decided to give it another go:


I think these were a little more successful, they are much smoother on top but still look orange despite the pink food colouring. I am using a gel based colour and the mixture looked lovely and pink:


I did the icing vanilla flavour and it goes beautifully with the strawberry of the macaroon, so really it is just the colouring I’m not so happy about. I am not going to tick the macaroons off my make and do aims yet because i really want them to be pretty as well as tasty…does anyone have any advice about the colouring?

My Weekend – Exam Results and Sewing with Friends

This weekend has seen me tick of one of my big Make and Do aims….I have passed my exam! I realise this is completely unsewing related but i am very happy that all my hard work (not to mention not joining with MeMadeMay this year) has been worth it. Here is my certificate:


The other thing I have been doing this weekend is sewing with a friend. I met her when I joined the knitting group she runs and she has recently been trying her hand at a wide variety of crafts including latch hook, decopatch and long stitch. At the last knitting group she asked me if I would give her a hand with making her first item of clothing. Check out her post about it here.

This weekend I also delivered a bridesmaid dress I altered for a friend and she very kindly gave me some homemade goodies as a thank you present:


Hummingbird Cake – a Drunken Promise

At the start of this year S and I went for a holiday in America, we started our trip with five days in Chicago where we spent some time with FK. FK very kindly looked after us and treated us to an amazing meal out. We finished this meal with a delicious cake, and in my rather merry state (induced by pear martinis) I said that I would make him the cake when he was next on London. This was a very flippant comment because I had no idea what the cake was, never mind having a recipe.

This Monday saw FK coming to London and some rather panic cake name finding. I found out that said cake was in fact a Humminbird Cake and my google search turned up this recipe.

Here is my finished cake:


And from the side:


The cake was huge! There were only there of us eating cake (despite Little One protesting quite loudly that she would like a slice…not a very dog friendly recipe) and between us I think we probably ate about an eighth.


The cream cheese frosting was delicious, and went perfectly with the banana and pineapple flavours of the cake. We had so much left I was a bit concerned about keeping it nice and fresh however FK gave me the best advice. He recommended putting in a bit of water in a ramekin in the tin:


I don’t know why this works but it has worked perfectly, the cake is still nice a moist so it is tip I’ll definitely use again.