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Decopatch organisation and a Gift

Back in July I decorated the hall and Upcycled a broken and rather ugly shoe cabinet. This weekend I decided to work on sorting out my magazines and realised that the bottom of the shoe cabinet provided the perfect space to place them, I just wanted a way to do it that was nice and neat.

Firstly I brought some plain magazine files and then I used decopatch paper to decorate them up, I did two, here is the first one, complete with Craftseller magazines:


And here are the two together:


They fit pretty perfectly into the shoe cabinet and gives me plenty of space to add more files as my magazine collection grows.

I also decopatched an arch lever file for me to put all that admin we accumulate it (you know the sort, bank statements, bills etc):


The only difference with the file compared to the magazines was using the white paper meant I needed to do two layers. Here is the shoe cabinet with everything in:


I feel pretty organised now and like the way they all look together, the only downside is that the arch lever file is too wide to go in the under section of the cabinet.

Also this weekend Si returned from his work related travels and very kindly brought me a gift back, here it is:


Considering my post the other day he obviously knows me very well:


Nautical Gift sent to “A Good Talking To…”

I joined in with the International Craft Swap hosted by House of Pinheiro and was lucking enough to be paired with Jacq of “A Good Talking To….” It has been very exciting exchanging emails with a fellow sewing blogger and reading her blog. Yesterday I posted what Jacq made for me, today I’m going to share what I made for her.

Jacq made me a bag and funnily enough I did exactly the same, I used the Amy Butler Sweet Harmony pattern that I have previously made but this time I decided to make the tote sized bag. I decided on a thing I had previously made because I really wanted to try my hand at some applique…something I have never done before.

Here is the bag all made up:


I chose the blue striped material because it had a nautical feel and then made up a lighthouse that was hand appliqued on (I originally wanted to do an anchor but all those curves were giving me a challenge so I finally settled on the straight edges of the lighthouse). Here is a close up of the lighthouse:


For the gifts I decided on some pretty buttons and ribbon and then wrapped them all up following the nautical theme:


Nautical Gift from A Good Talking To…

I joined in with the International Craft Swap hosted by House of Pinheiro and was lucking enough to be paired with Jacq of “A Good Talking To….” It has been very exciting exchanging emails with a fellow sewing blogger and reading her blog. On Saturday I was lucky enough to receive a parcel from Jacq, containing her beautiful nautical make and some really lovely gifts she had chosen for me.

First up is her make, I very cute project bag:


The boats on the top are perfectly nautical as is the lining fabric:


Around the outside are different sized pockets for hooks, needles and patterns….perfect:


It really is a beautiful little bag and very well made. Additionally the swap asked for each person to include a small gift up to the value of three pounds with their make. Jacq sent me the following:


I really love the little labels:


I have never seen anything like these before and they’ll really add something to my makes. I massive thank you to Jacq for her make and gifts, they are incredibly thoughtful….go and check out her blog.

Sew Easter Bunnies

This last week I have been away for work, hence my rather sparse blogging. The crafting however continued so for the next few days I’ll be catching up on my blog posts. First up are my Easter makes.

This Easter my whole family said they did not want Easter eggs, perfect opportunity for a bit of crafting. Whilst having a look at fellow bloggers sites, I stumbled upon these gorgeous little bunnies on Pillows Ala Mode and knew I had found the perfect thing. I made up seven in total, one for each member of my family:



It was the perfect chance to use up some odds and ends of fabric. Here are the bunnies in close up:

IMG_0365 IMG_0364


The bunnies were surprisingly quick to make, especially because I did them on a bit of a production line. Each bunny was presented alongside a creme egg for some Easter chocolate goodness.

Getting Romantic at Make Lounge

Last night I attended the Valentine Craft night at Make Lounge in Islington, London. Despite my initial confusion over the change of venue (although they have moved only a few doors down the street) I had a lovely evening. I was greeted by a glass of Champagne (who doesn’t like that on a Wednesday night) and a bag containing the bits I would need to participate in the crafts on offer.

Firstly I sat down to make the bath truffles. After some careful measuring and mixing by hand, here are my finished truffles:


I next moved table and proceeded to make my Valentine card, I decided to make an origami heart and use this as the basis of my card design:


I was enjoying the paper craft so much that I thought I best decorate the envelope too:


My final two makes of the evening were a pair of glasses for tea lights, these were shockingly easy to do with a couple of Sharpie pens and glass pens:


That completed my makes for the evening, I arrived late but am pleased that I managed to have a go at all on offer. It was a lovely evening and nice to spend time with some crafty people. I spotted that they have a workshop to make Macaroons, think I might give it a try as this is one of my Make and Do aims for 2013.

Unwrapping the Gifts – Gift Twelve

This is my last unwrapping the gifts post. I also made a handbag for S’s sister but it was mad up in a black wool fabric and the photographs just show a black square. I made the bag up because she requested a hat after seeing mine from my capsule wardrobe challenge and the bag was to showcase the fabric I brought to make the hat from.

I didn’t manage to get a photo of gift twelve posted before Christmas, I only finished the knitting on Christmas eve. Here is the final gift:


I made these for S’s sister’s boyfriend (a bit of a mouthful), there were rumours that he suffers with cold feet so what better than a pair of hand knitted socks. I knitted these up in DK Snuggly so that they are extra soft and warm and made them up as I went along (my first ever knitting pattern!!). Now I am going to attempt to write up the knitting pattern and see if I can make a pair in my size.

Unwrapping the Gifts – Gift Five

The fifth gift that I made was for my dad. He recently brought himself a new suit that he wanted a brown belt to go with. The belt was placed onto his Christmas wish list and as soon as I saw it I knew it was time for me to make my first thing out of leather. Here is the result:


My dad usually likes belts that have the option of attaching your own buckle but I could not find one like that so I made the Northumbrian Belt from Simple Way. It was so ridiculously easy to make that it feels like cheating to say it was made by me.

Unwrapping the Gifts – Gift One

The first gift I made was for niece, she has a little cubby hole in her room which she calls her reading corner. I therefore made her a beanbag to go into the corner so she can sit and relax whilst reading her books.


This was made from the 101 Ways with a Meter book, I also made her a wall hanging from the book in a matching fabric. I forgot to take a photo of the wall hanging but it is for putting her books into. Perfect for a reading corner.

Unwrapping the gifts – Gift Ten

S’s Dad loves a good glass of wine and every time we see him he is always very generous with the sharing of that wine, so what better than a bag to hold the bottles in:


This is another make from the 101 ways with a meter book and it was probably the most frustrating make of my gift preparation. I broke three needles whilst making this but the finished product was worth it. We did of course provide the wine bag complete with six bottles of wine!!

Unwrapping the Gifts – Gift Nine

The ninth gift I made was an apron for S’s mum. This was a make from the 101 ways to sew a meter book, and this apron used basically ever last bit of the fabric!!

Here is the apron:


I used some retro fabric with irons and kitchen implements on…I love making things from fabric that matches the use of the item. The pleats along the waist add a nice bit of detailing, but the best things about this apron is on the reverse:


In each corner, there are pockets that are made from insulated batting, meaning that they can be used to take things directly out of the oven, what a great idea!