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Unwrapping the Gifts – Gift Eight

The eighth gift that I made was a pair of PJ’s for my sister’s partner. I firstly made the PJ bottoms from the same pattern that I used for my PJ party bottoms.


Then I made the top, this was based on the Sorbetto but rather that have the pleat at the front, I used this to make a button opening:


I used the red polka dot buttons on the top so that they matched the ribbon on the bottoms:


I was very pleased with how these PJ’s came out…so pleased in fact that I may make myself a pair.

Unwrapping the Gifts – Gift Six

This was my favourite make for Christmas, littlest sister very nearly didn’t get it because I loved it so much.

Here is the finished item:


I couple of years ago I made a handbag for her using the same pattern, Sweet Harmony by Amy Butler:IMG_0199

The only thing I altered then and this time was the strap, she is most definitely a shoulder strap girl. She used the first bag so much that it literally fell to pieces so I thought I would make her another one, when I saw the Wonder Woman fabric I knew that it would be ideal for her and it went beautifully with some red polka dot fabric I had in my fabric stash. There is still about a meter of the Wonder Woman fabric left…think I’ll make something for me from that.

Unwrapping the Gifts – Gift Four

The fourth gift that I made for Christmas was a pair of flannel shorts for S:

These are made in monkey flannel fabric, monkeys because he loves monkeys and flannel so that they are nice and soft. These shorts a pajama bottom style shorts so they are for relaxing in.

Unwrapping Christmas – Gift Seven

Gift seven goes with gift three and is a pair of slippers to go with the hot water bottle cover and aromatherapy pillow. Here are the slippers all finished off:



I think these are so cute and the flannel fabric feels really nice and soft. I think I might use that left over wonder woman fabric to make myself a pair…

Unwrapping the Gifts – Gift Three

The third gift that I made for Christmas was for middle sister. Middle sister likes a bit of relaxation time so I thought she would appreciate a couple of relaxation aids. I firstly made her a hot water bottle cover:

And then a pillow with a pocket:

I then made a little pouch with flaxseed and lavender that can be warmed and placed into the pocket on the pillow cover. The items are both made in a very soft flannel material so that they are nice to snuggle up to.

Unwrapping the Gifts – Gift Two

The second gift that I made was for my mum. Dad mentioned that he was going to buy an iPad for her so I said I would make her a cover for it. I found a lovely tutorial on Chica and Jo. I decided to use Russian Doll fabric for the cover because my mum used to collect dolls in national dress. Here is the finished cover with my iPad in:

The thing I loved about this tutorial over the others I could find is that it also acts as a stand for the iPad:

Preparing for Christmas Gift Eight

I have now basically finished all of my Christmas makes (bit close the the wire really, previously I have been so much better organsied). Here are some cryptic photos of gift eight. I now only have another five gifts to post about, with only four days left til Christmas I will have to post more than one a day.





Ipad Mini Case

Last week S received an iPad mini as a gift, he knew that this was coming and asked if I would make him an case for it. More than happy to oblige I said that I wanted to wait until it arrived so that I could check out the sizing as I was making it.

I used the kindle case tutorial from Chica and Jo’s website  which seemed the most appropriate for the size of the iPad mini. Using a handy little formula that they have published on their site I managed to work out the size for the fabric and card inserts (I used the card from an old binder from my uni days) and they worked with very little tinkering about.

S choose the pac-man material that I had brought ages ago from Spoonflower here is the case closed up:


And here is the magic of the case…it doubles as a stand:


S is now off travelling all over the place for work until the New Year, the iPad should be nice and protected in it’s cardboard case. Hopefully it will travel well and continue to be of use when he returns.