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Beautiful Coathangers

Here is a very quick and easy craft that can be used to add that special touch to a handmade wardrobe. Start of with a wooden hanger (mine is just one from ikea), decopatch paper and decopatch glue:


Cut the decopatch paper into little squares and then just glue them onto the Coathanger, making sure that they are also topped off with a layer of glue.

Here is the finished coat hanger, I have done a couple of up close photos to give an idea of how it comes out. Really beautiful coathangers (although that is a bit of an odd thing to say).



2 Towels + Binding = New Bathmat

One of the first projects I posted about when I started this blog last year was a bathmat that I made from and old towel. Considering that the towel was pretty old when I made the mat up it has lasted pretty well, however the time has come to replace it so today I made a replacement.



It was very easy to make. Firstly I cut the edges off two towels and then rounded off the corners. The towels were then laid on top of one another and sewn together. Finally binding was added around the edges. The best thing about this project is that it uses up little scraps of fabric, for this mat I use the owl fabric from my metre bolero and some turquoise fabric I have had around for ages. This mat should last better than the last one because I used some new towels from a set we have, the size of the towels used are too big for hand towels and too small for bath towels so pretty perfect for the mat.

Getting Romantic at Make Lounge

Last night I attended the Valentine Craft night at Make Lounge in Islington, London. Despite my initial confusion over the change of venue (although they have moved only a few doors down the street) I had a lovely evening. I was greeted by a glass of Champagne (who doesn’t like that on a Wednesday night) and a bag containing the bits I would need to participate in the crafts on offer.

Firstly I sat down to make the bath truffles. After some careful measuring and mixing by hand, here are my finished truffles:


I next moved table and proceeded to make my Valentine card, I decided to make an origami heart and use this as the basis of my card design:


I was enjoying the paper craft so much that I thought I best decorate the envelope too:


My final two makes of the evening were a pair of glasses for tea lights, these were shockingly easy to do with a couple of Sharpie pens and glass pens:


That completed my makes for the evening, I arrived late but am pleased that I managed to have a go at all on offer. It was a lovely evening and nice to spend time with some crafty people. I spotted that they have a workshop to make Macaroons, think I might give it a try as this is one of my Make and Do aims for 2013.

Unwrapping the Gifts – Gift One

The first gift I made was for niece, she has a little cubby hole in her room which she calls her reading corner. I therefore made her a beanbag to go into the corner so she can sit and relax whilst reading her books.


This was made from the 101 Ways with a Meter book, I also made her a wall hanging from the book in a matching fabric. I forgot to take a photo of the wall hanging but it is for putting her books into. Perfect for a reading corner.

Unwrapping the Gifts – Gift Nine

The ninth gift I made was an apron for S’s mum. This was a make from the 101 ways to sew a meter book, and this apron used basically ever last bit of the fabric!!

Here is the apron:


I used some retro fabric with irons and kitchen implements on…I love making things from fabric that matches the use of the item. The pleats along the waist add a nice bit of detailing, but the best things about this apron is on the reverse:


In each corner, there are pockets that are made from insulated batting, meaning that they can be used to take things directly out of the oven, what a great idea!

Unwrapping the Gifts – Gift Three

The third gift that I made for Christmas was for middle sister. Middle sister likes a bit of relaxation time so I thought she would appreciate a couple of relaxation aids. I firstly made her a hot water bottle cover:

And then a pillow with a pocket:

I then made a little pouch with flaxseed and lavender that can be warmed and placed into the pocket on the pillow cover. The items are both made in a very soft flannel material so that they are nice to snuggle up to.

Table mats

I long time ago I brought this fabric from spoonflower:

I brought the fabric because I have a friend with a bully and thought it would be great to make something for her. I made these table

mats a few weeks ago for her birthday and now that I have given them to her I can put up photos.

The table mats are double sided side one looks like this:

And this is side two:

More Horse Racing Cushions – Huntball and Synchronised

All the way back in April I made some horse racing themed cushions for S, when I made them he requested that I make him some more so that he would have a little set. Orginally he had liked the idea of having a Frankle cushion but decided that because Kauto Star and Big Bucks are jump horses the other one should also be a jump horse and Frankle is a flat horse.

After much thinking he settled on Huntball and Synchronised to add to Kauto and Big Bucks.

I firstly worked out the measurements for the strips and then cut out pattern pieces from paper:


Then I cut out the fabric pieces, for Huntball:


And Synchronised:


I then sew all of the pattern pieces together:


Then added the cushion backs on. Here are the two finished cushions:


Decorating the Office

S and I moved to our flat just over two years ago and when we moved in we made the decision that we would use the small room as our bedroom and the large room as the office (S and I both work from home on alternate days so having dedicated work space was really important). It made sense because we felt that the small room was more than big enough and putting our bed into the bigger room we felt would be a waste of space. However two years on we both feel we still have not maximized the space within the office, especially considering that it is the same size as our previous living room and kitchen combined.

We both felt that the office has essentially become a room with a desk and a lot of clutter so as part of the flat redecoration we had a real thought about what to do it the space.

This is how the office looked on Saturday morning:

We decided that we would use the shelves as a room divider to separate the desk from the rest of the room. These were the shelves on Saturday morning:

This was the view from the door:

Firstly we took Little One to the pet sitter, and then started to empty the room. It was unbelievable how much stuff we had in this one room so emptying it out took over the whole flat and I was pleased Little One was out. We then proceeded to paint the walls:

We then sorted through all of our things, trying to be pretty brutal about what things to keep and what things to donate or throw out and then moved everything back into the office using the shelves as a room divider:

This meant that S now has an office area:

I then covered the old office chair and the futon in green polka dot material for a little seating area:

Bedroom Decoration

S is currently away and has been since the start of August, he will return the day before my sister’s wedding so I think I am probably almost as excited about the wedding as her.

Whilst he has been away I decided that I would take the opportunity to do a bit of decoration. I decided to do it whilst he was away because he works from home it would disrupt his working massively if it was done whilst he was here because the only place the bedroom furniture can be removed to is the office.

The bedroom was the standard magnolia that comes with all new build flats, we had previously had a handy man fit the picture rail. I started off by single handedly removing all of the furniture from the bedroom….this was probably the hardest part of the whole job.

I then painted the walls, doing three walls grey and the wall which the bed goes on lilac:

As you can see Little One got involved in the whole operation, she was generally fine but at some point she ended up with a grey tipped ear.

I then took the head board off the bed and covered it in the material that I was going to make the curtains in, this was done very simply with a staple gun:

I then made the curtains and moved everything back into the room:

The curtains are lined with blackout material as S finds the morning sun wakes him up very early in the summer.

The picture above the bed is something that I made using photoshop for S as part of his Christmas present, it documents Little One’s first year:

I am generally very pleased with the bedroom, the only things left to do are:

1) The curtain tape did not come with enough front facing rings so I have asked for more and when these arrive I can finish off the curtain and then screw the balls onto the end of the curtain rail.

2) I would like to cover a lampshade in the same fabric as the curtain and headboard to hang

3) Change the bed sheets to grey.