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The Challenge – Day Nine (Disaster)

Tonight the club I go to has been cancelled so I thought I would settle myself down and do some rounds on the challenge, all was going well, I had added to more when I decided that I would lay the knitting flat to take a photo….unbelievably I have been knitting with a twist in the round all the time! AAAAHHH!!!!

The twist is center bottom.

I firstly denied that it had even happened turning and turning the knitting hoping that the twist would magically disappear…this did not work. I then went through a period of anger with myself…how did I let this happen? Why did I not notice it sooner? I can’t believe I have knitted 24 rounds without noticing.

I have had a look at things on the internet and I don’t think there is anything to do, looks like day nine will end with a return to day one,  frogging the knitting and starting again :(…..poor me.

I will try to be pleased that I didn’t get further before I noticed, now I am going to go and frog the stitched and start again.

The Challenge – Days 2 and 3

Due to a rather long day at work yesterday, there was no progress on the challenge made yesterday (kind of shocking really on day two to already be finding excuses). However I picked it back up again today and did some of the knit rounds, I got to the five that I was aiming for and felt that there was not quite enough purple yet so I am going to do some more. I have now added six knit rounds to the five purl rounds and this is what it currently looks like:

I am beginning to realize that I really have set myself quite a challenge, hopefully the finished dress will be worth it…still I have the feeling that I have a fair few weeks…if not months until I get to that point.