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V is for Vision

I have been somewhat quiet on the blog recently, you know how things go I’ve been very busy and although the crafting continues my blogging has taken a bit of a hit. I’m on annual leave this week though so hopefully I can get my trusting photographer on side to help me catch up.

My alphabet sampler is really coming along now, I finished V last week (see how behind on the blogging front I am):


I have actually nearly finished W, it is going to be close but it still feels possible to get it completed by the end of the year.

T is for Thor

My superheroes alphabet sampler continues to be worked on and today I managed to finish off T for Thor.


I feel that the sampler is really coming along nicely and I am pretty confident that I will get it finished by the end of the year, as was my original aim. Also on the mention of aims for the year I have another swimming lesson tonight, last week I managed to do two lengths of the education pool so I have been told I can go in the big pool tonight.

R is for Robin

Seems as I have been a little off my sewing and knitting I have been working on the superheroes alphabet sampler. It is really coming along and I am so pleased that I took this project on and approached it in a slowly but surely fashion. Today I have finished R, for Robin.


This is one of my favourite ones so far, I love the mixture of colours.

Q is for Quicksilver

I was aiming to get Q done before the end of August but missed this by a few days. Here is Q for Quicksilver:


This letter means I have completed the end of the forth line. I have already made a start on the fifth line with R….I’m aiming to get both R and S done during September to keep me on target of getting it finished by the end of the year.

P is for Power Girl

My aim of getting three letters on the superheroes alphabet sampler is now two thirds complete because today I completed my second letter, her she is…power girl:


I also took a step towards completing on of my now craft Make and Do aims for 2013, I attended my first swimming lesson. I have signed up for the 12 week course for nervous swimmers so hopefully I’ll be able to look back on 2013 as the year I finally learnt to swim!

The tiny seamstress-batman skirt

Hello I’ve finally finished my batman skirt it took a bit of time but it got finished.
We made the pattern up but we still had to adjust the waist to fit here is a picture of it on me from the side.


The batman fabric was from the fabric swap and the black and the lining material were form sew much choice’s stash here is a picture of the inside.


I’m very happy that I choose the fabric and that I finished it before I went home. I planning on wearing it to a party tomorrow 🙂

N is for Nightcrawler

Firstly thank you to everyone who offered my congratulations following my exam results, it is lovely that people who I have only met via the Internet take the time to congratulate me.

My superheroes alphabet sampler is coming along, today I have completed N for Nightcrawler:


This has kept me on target of aiming to do two letters a month, however I have just realised that if I continue with this I will actually be two letters short by the end of the year…maybe I’ll aim to complete three in August.