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Hall Decoration and Upcycled Shoe Cabinet

Si is now away for a few days with work, like last year I have decided to take the opportunity to do some decoration. Last year I did the bedroom, bathroom and office, so today I did the hall. Here is the before shot:


The first thing I decided to do was have a look at the shoe cabinet, Si broke this a few weeks back but I was reluctant to throw it out because I didn’t like this idea of it just going to the dump. The broken bit is the front section.


The first thing I did was remove the front and the fittings fully, this was with the idea of having the bottom section as open storage. I then primed the wood ready for painting it:


I used just some regular primer and then some paint that was specially for painting furniture:


Once the primer was dry I painted the cabinet:


Before finally adding on new handles:


Here is the Upcycled shoe cabinet:


I then painted the hall. We have had this yellow paint for ages, we choose yellow because the hall has no windows. I also hung a poster, Si admired this poster for ages in our local Cafe Rouge so I brought him a mini version. Here is the finished hall with the shoe cabinet back in:


I am so pleased with the results and especially that it has taken only about six hours to do the lot. The shoe cabinet looks like a completely different bit of furniture and has been saved from the dump, hopefully Si will like it when he gets home next week.