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I Love Madeleine

I thought it only appropriate with it being Valentine’s Day that I blog about my new love….Madeleine.

I first saw the Madeleine pattern  a while ago on Scruffy Badger time and knew it was a pattern I just had to have. I was remarkably restrained and added it to a Christmas wish list, very kindly my parents came through and on Christmas morning I was to uncover it under the Christmas tree.

I had my heart set on making it in emerald green corduroy which I purchased in NYC, but alas although I had taken the length of the fabric needed I didn’t take note of the width and Madeleine in most definitely for 60″ wide fabric. Once I spotted my mistake I decided to make it up in the lilac cord I brought in Paris (this was for the Colette Ginger Skirt, but this will now be emerald green instead). In the end, I am so pleased I did because it goes perfectly with the Jasmine Top I finished the other day:



I honestly love this skirt sew much. The fabric is lovely and soft, the buttons go beautifully:

IMG_0310It has massive pockets with scrumptious detailing, the fastening is lovely (my first ever overlapped waistband and hidden zip):



And the best thing about this skirt is the suspenders, it is what first drew me to the pattern and I am over the moon with how they came together on the skirt:



I have a feeling Madeleine and I will be spending a lot of time together. The future also promises more Madeleines, I can’t wait to use the pattern again. On a side note, using the Madeleine pattern was part of my Made and Do 2013 aims so I can proudly tick it off my list.