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Crochet Blanket – Half way There

The crochet blanket has continued to grow and this evening I have finished the fifteen stripe which means I am half way there! This is how the blanket is looking:


Right at the top there is a deep purple stripe that is sort of lost on the grey bedding.

I have also managed to complete the jasmine top but Si is out tonight so no photos until tomorrow, I’ll share it then.

Crochet Blanket – Seventh Stripe

My addiction to crochet has continued and I have been making excellent progress on the crochet blanket. I have now completed the seventh stripe (and started on the eighth)….not bad going considering i started on 14th May.


I think that I’ll need 30 stripes in total so I’m about 1/4 of the way through:


Crochet blanket

I have been really bitten by the crochet bug after making the flower at the knitting group. A lot of the people at the group are making blankets and so I have decided to start my own. I firstly sat on my bed to make the chain so that I could check it was the right length. I have then been slowly but surely working on it for the last couple of weeks.

I found that this was the perfect craft for being a passenger on a long journey. After my exam Si and I went up to York and on the three hour journey there and back I completed the whole of the second colour. Here is how the blanket is currently looking:


And a close up:


I am mainly working in greys and purples because this is the colour of our bedroom but I have used some lemon to break it all up. So far I am very happy with it, it is very thick so should be lovely and warm in the winter months.

I’m Back with a Little Flower

I’m back, exams all over and now time for some crafting…very relieved and can’t wait to use Thursdays (my old study day) as my new crafting day. Although I stayed off the blog during revision and exams, my crafting continued so I have some things to share over the next few days. First up, I learned to make a crochet flower.

The knitting group that I attend at The Blossom Centre is made up of a wide variety of knitting and crocheting lovers a couple learned to crochet in the very first meet up in January and have been proper converts since. By popular demand Corinna arranged for a friend to come an teach us how to crochet flowers. It gave me a great excuse to use my project bag made by A Good Talking To for the nautical craft swap, because I just needed to take some wool and hooks (usually I take my Paperdolls jumper which is far to big for the project bag):


Corinna’s  friend was GlammaMamma and she was incredibly patient, showing us how to count stitches when we lost count and working with me when I somehow crocheted backwards. Here is my finished flower (my third ever crocheted item, see the baby booties and granny squares for my other two):



Check out Glammamamma to see flowers from the other people in the group and for some other stunning crochet.

Finishing the Baby Jumper

As I posted the other day, I received news that my friend I have been making the baby jumper through went into labour, this lead to me frantically finishing the jumper so that I can post it off to her and the new baby.

Today I managed to sew it all together and knit the ribbed button band:

I also had these lovely little polka dot buttons that I thought would go beautifully:

This means the jumper is now ready to go, I am sending it off with the booties that I made in the holiday workshop:

Baby Jumper – An Arm (and my first Birthday Present)

This evening I have completed the arm on the baby jumper:

Now for something completely uncraft related….In June I hit the big three ohh. Today my dad popped in to drop off my birthday present from him and mum (I will see them the weekend before but S, Little One and I are off for a week in the Cotswolds so will be travelling light). They said that I could open the present right away and this is what they have brought me:

A set of six pans….is getting excited over a nice set of pans a sign of getting old???

Continuing the Baby Jumper

Today I returned to studying (although it was tempting to delay this in preference to finishing off my corduroy dress) so I have not done any crafting today. I thought it would be good to blog on the progress of the baby jumper that I started the other day (I will return to the corduroy dress tomorrow).

I have now completed the back of the baby jumper:

and made good progress on the first arm:

I am trying to do a little bit of the knitting each day so it is progressing quite nicely. I best go now and continue with the registration of this module.

Another Baby Jumper

Last week I completed a jumper for a friend who had a little boy in March. More or less as soon as I had finished this project another friend told me that she is expecting at the end of July, meaning that as soon as I finished the first jumper I started another one.

I again started by consulting the Little Brits in Spiffing Knits patterns:

I settled on this pattern (although I am going to knit the v-neck version) because I liked the detail at the top:

I then settled down to making a good start, this is how far I have got:

The wool is quite a rich red, which does not show up in this photo. I settled on red because my friend does not know whether she is expecting a boy or girl. I thought that red would be nice neutral colour and that I could add flower buttons or trains buttons on to the front once I know.