The tiny seamstress- scarf and top

Hello again today was the day I did some sewing with sew much choice and we made a top:


First we drew the pattern using a ready made one but just altering it a little bit to fit. We used Laurel by Colette patterns for me we needed size 0 then sew much choice and I took a bit of material of the chest and arms. Here is a close up of my arms.


Instead of doing ribbon around the edge of the neck we did a facing here is a picture of it.


We also made an infinity scarf made out of cherry fabric.First we cut the fabric straight so that when sewed it together it would be neat.Next we folded it right side together. Next we sewed it down the long side.


Then we attached it at the ends so it made a loop and we left a gap to turn it right way out. I’m very happy with the things I made and I look forward to telling you about the other cloths I make 🙂


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