Another Baby Jumper

Last week I completed a jumper for a friend who had a little boy in March. More or less as soon as I had finished this project another friend told me that she is expecting at the end of July, meaning that as soon as I finished the first jumper I started another one.

I again started by consulting the Little Brits in Spiffing Knits patterns:

I settled on this pattern (although I am going to knit the v-neck version) because I liked the detail at the top:

I then settled down to making a good start, this is how far I have got:

The wool is quite a rich red, which does not show up in this photo. I settled on red because my friend does not know whether she is expecting a boy or girl. I thought that red would be nice neutral colour and that I could add flower buttons or trains buttons on to the front once I know.

4 thoughts on “Another Baby Jumper

  1. Aw, this is lovely! Somewhere at my Mum’s house there are photos of my daughter wearing that doggy cardigan!! It was yellow with brown dogs. I’ll try to dig it out some time 🙂

    • I made the dog cardigan for someone else…it was very cute and I did the beret too. I did a green one with black dogs. I’d love to she the one you mention if you find that photo.

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